Last Week I had a dream of mine come true! I got a call to show my work at the OKC Festival of the Arts!

It was wonderful! I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch the crowds and interact with people who came into my booth. I had some wonderful friends come by to visit. Craig McKnight and Sherry Keahey from OGE Telecom came by. I got to meet a lovely lady I had talked to on the phone several times. Lena Lawson and her husband Ken from Freedom City. Old friends David and Brenda Wheelock each came by. Karen Hill from my Christian Singles dances days visited and I got to meet her sons beautiful family. Of course my own family came by. It was great to see Amy and Ted Arellano and marvel at how fast Teddy and Ava have grown. My brother Danny and his kids Sarah and Daniel brought me lunch one day and Daniel even came to help me out at the tent one evening Bill needed to be gone!

I visited with the other 3 of FOUR students of Carol Armstrong who were showing at the Festival too. Tim Kenney, Herb Graves and Charles Steelman had booths this year too. I met new artists and got to geek out meeing artists I’d always admired like Rory Morgan and meet bunches of new artists too. There were some times that were hot and weary but I was so happy to be there!