Bert Seabourn

Bill and I went to the Opening Reception tonight for Bert’s exhibition at the Gaylord Pickens Museum. It was a wonderful showing. I love the paintings Bert makes. He does capture moods and movement in his artwork. I love all the color! I love the humor he often brings in through his titles. I’ve really learned a lot from Bert over the years. And I’ve truly enjoyed the time spent with him. It’s good to see him still going so strong!

You can really tell a Bert Seabourne painting when you see one. That “style” or “branding” is something I see discussed a lot in articles about the business of art. I’m not sure I’ve fully developed my style yet although I am beginning to see some consistency in my work. I’m still torn between wanting the freedom of Bert’s style and wanting to achieve the control and realism of Carol Armstrong’s work. Maybe I’m just too afraid of “getting it wrong” When you paint something with realism you know whether it’s “right” because it looks like what you intended to paint. With the expressionistic work there is that uncertainty of not knowing exactly what is “right” when to stop or when to go on. I guess I’ll just keep painting and see what comes of it!