My Mom treated me to a lavish homemade dinner along with some cash for my birthday so I bought myself some new art books! I’ve been studying in them this week and doing some practice sketches along with the illustrations in the Facial Expressions book. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied some of the fundamental drawing principles and I must admit to feeling quite rusty at it.

It was a good time to take to pencil and paper as my studio is in chaos at the moment because we got a beautiful new patio door. This meant we had to move some things out of the space for the workers. I needed to get in there and do a good clean out and reorganize anyway.

I missed my first class of this session with Carol Armstrong because of the yearly sinus infection/plague. 😦  Downtime has been good study time though.

art book sketch
Sketching along with my new Facial Expressions book.